CharmDate Review, Gifts for a Russian Woman

Shopping for that perfect gift can be challenging at the best of times. What is acceptable, what is not? While it is true that gender roles are still adhered to in Russia, don’t let that fool you into thinking that soaps and ornamental figurines are necessarily the way to go. Many Russian women strongly dislike gifts like this, along with generic gifts such as gift cards that show little thought to her personal preferences.

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While the best advice is always to think about the individual woman that you are buying for, there are a few staples that will help you out.

  1. Perfume

If it is possible to find out what her favourite perfume is, then that would be an ideal gift. However, if it is a surprise gift, or she doesn’t have a favourite then Russian women like to try different perfume’s so if there is a new fragrance released or one that you personally enjoy, then this could still be a great gift for her.

  1. Flowers

Not a “special” present, but certainly one that will rarely go wrong. Find out her favourite flowers and write something meaningful in the card for added impact. However, there are superstitions about the type and number of flowers given, so be sure to check this first. Flowers can only be given in odd numbers (even numbers are for funerals) and it would be wise to avoid yellow flowers which represent betrayal, in favour of red which symbolises love.

gift for a russian woman

  1. Fashion Items

Handbags and other items of fashion are usually well received by Russian women. Be sure that there is a little money inside handbags and purses, as superstition states that empty purses bring poverty. There are, however, some notable exceptions to this rule.

Avoid jewellery unless it is for a woman that you know very well. Jewellery is a very personal gift for many women and Russians are no exception.

Additionally, watches symbolise a sense of “time running out” and can cause unnecessary upset.

  1. Handmade Gifts

Most women worldwide would love to have a poem or a song written especially for her. Even if you are not a professional musician, or the most talented lyricist, you may well find that the quality of it matters very little when you have out time and thought into creating such a personal gift. This would be well received by most, or if you are more artistically talented, then a drawing or a painting of her would be sure to make her smile.

  1. Tickets

This could be tickets to see a show that you think she would like, or her favourite band that is coming to town.  Festivals and other large scale events should be considered only if you are sure that the woman would like it. Otherwise the gift loses that personal touch that can often be more important than the gift itself. If you are feeling extravagant, it could be plane tickets to a relaxing holiday that you have arranged for her. This would be a great idea for a gift within an established relationship to show her that you are still thinking of her.

Above all else, it is the thought behind the present that beautiful Russian women value the most. They like to be given gifts which show that the person really knows them and their personality. So while chocolates and alcohol (vodka or brandy) can be given as a token, for example when visiting someone’s home, they should be avoided as gifts for birthdays and other holidays.

CharmDate Review to Date Single Russian Moms: Do’s and Don’ts

There are plenty of single moms among russian ladies online – in fact, so many that you may even be surprised.

If your initial reaction to that sentence was, “Oh, snap!” – then you should probably stop reading this. Or man up and read on why dating single moms is the best thing that can happen to you – even though it may seem not so exciting at first.

If you sign up on an online dating website to chat with russian brides, be prepared that some russian women and girls looking for foreign men online may have children from their previous relationships.

Before you start freaking out: it’s a perfectly normal thing and you can still date russian women that are single moms – though a relationship with a single mom has a few peculiarities that you might want to be prepared for in advance.


Don’t ask single mom these questions

Unless you want a russian sexy girl to reject you right away, don’t ask any of the following dumb questions that many men still ask single moms and end up getting slapped in their stereotypical faces:

  1. “Did you ever think about an abortion?”
  2. “Why didn’t you give up your children to an orphanage?”
  3. “Do you feel bad that your kid doesn’t have a healthy family?”
  4. “So, where’s his father?”
  5. “Do you want more kids?”

The answer to all of these questions – that ladies in russia usually don’t give you out of politeness – is “none of your damn business.” The answer to the last one can parried with the question, “Can you handle the kids that I have before even considering more kids?”

Don’t play games with single moms

Single moms won’t buy your “wham bam thank you ma’am” bullsh*t. If you’re not sure why marry a russian woman that has kids from her previous partners, then you might want to stay away from single moms.

Her children’s games should be the only games she wants to play. If it’s one of those cases “I’d tap that, but she’s a no-no for getting serious,” then you might not want to waste her and your time.

If you feel like this russian sexy girl would be your perfect wife but only if she had no kids, then you’re probably not ready to take this russian woman for dating.

russian wife

Know what it’s like having kids

No matter how many times you tell her, “Oh, sure I love kids!” – she’ll see how much you actually “love” kids when you have to change diapers at 4am or have to clean up vomit from the backseat of your expensive car.

Don’t ever tell her how to raise kids

Just because you’re dating a single mom doesn’t mean you have the right to tell her how to raise her kids or how her kids should behave.

You’ve known her children for a few months – and no matter how ‘right’ you feel in a certain situation – russian women and girls who had raised their children before you appeared in their life are always right about how to raise their kids.

If you’re still reading this and still wondering how to meet a russian woman knowing that there are plenty of single moms among russian ladies online, then you’re probably okay with dating single moms. But wait until you read this…

She might be still interacting with her ex

And it’s not one of those “don’t talk to her – she’s mine now” types of situations, as in this case her ex is also the father of her kids.

The father of her kids will probably be in the picture for at least the next 18 years, so make sure you’re prepared for that.

Bonus tip: never badmouth the father of her kids – no matter how bad he’s as a person – in front of her kids.

Forget scheduling

If you still don’t mind dating russian sexy girl that is a single mom, here’s another thing you need to know: forget about scheduling things in advance. Be ready for more spontaneity in your life – it can actually be fun!

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Is it wrong or right to give a Russian girl flower?

Giving flowers to the girl you love has become a symbol of expression of love world over. Though the practice has become mundane in some parts of the world and girls would prefer the guy to buy her jewelry or anything expensive but Russian women still appreciate the practice. However, there are certain dos and don’ts when it comes to giving Russian singles flowers.

If you must give a Russian bride a flower, make sure it is neat and presentable. A shabby looking flower may easily suggest to her that you would not handle her well if she gets married to you or that she means less priority to you. If you cannot give Russian pretty girls a decent flower, then it is best to avoid giving her flower entirely because to her, the flower in your hand is her in your hand.

 single Russian lady

The color of the flower also matters a lot. When dating Russian women, it is always good to learn about their customs and one of them is that yellow means ‘I am fed up with you’. A Russian guy that wants to break up with his girlfriend will only need to give her a yellow flower and she will definitely understand what he means. Unless your girl really loves yellow, avoid yellow flowers. It is best to give her a flower that matches her best color.

Beautiful Russian girls will prefer you to give her one flower rather than a bouquet. Generally, flowers are sold in odd numbers in Russia and it has become a tradition that even number flowers are for the cemetery to be laid on the grave of a loved one. Thirteen flowers are also known to bring bad luck and you should avoid giving this to your single Russian lady. To be on a safe side, foreigners should learn to explain their actions to their lady Russian so they won’t get misunderstood.

To stand a better chance at impressing your Russian pretty girls when giving her a flower, choose a flower that is native to Russia. It is OK to think of giving her an American flower but be sure to know that she will prefer a Russian flower whose meaning she can easily interpret. A foreign flower may not be easy for her to interpret leaving her in a limbo – a place no Russian girl wants to be. If you must give her a foreign flower, tag it along with the native flower and Chamomiles is the most appreciated among Russian girls.

If you date with Russian girl and feel like giving her a flower, always take note of the quality of flower. Flowers are believed to convey feelings in Russia. If you give your girl a flower that withers the next day she will take it that you do not have a strong emotion towards her. Girls in Russia attach emotions to flowers. Fresh flowers can be identified by the shade of their leaf edge. A dark looking edge is a sign that the flower was not freshly cut.

Avoid flowers with pale reddish pink color. Red in Russia brings back the memory of war during the Soviet Union. These are the kind of flowers that were laid on the graves of soldiers that never returned from the war. Till date, red is a symbol of death. When you give a red flower to your date, she may just take it that you wish her death. On the other hand, it also brings back memories of war which is one memory no one will want to constantly remember.

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Ukrainian VS Russian, What Are The Differences?

A bigger percentage of foreigners tend to conclude that Russian women and Ukrainian women are all the same. We can forgive them for that conclusion, after all both are Slavic nations and share to a great extent some heritage. However, these two groups – Russian and Ukrainian women – are different and you shall soon find out how.

women on russia

In a nutshell, some people who have had a firsthand experience with the two say that Russian women are usually straight on point, probably due to the direct nature of their language. The Ukrainian women on the other hand are described to be sensual and good home makers than their counterparts. Their language sounds somewhat musical to the ears.

Evidently, the subject at hand has lots of differing opinions and this article is here to expose all the differences.

The Culture

It would be injustice to begin digging deeper into any of the differences without first starting at the cultural level. Talk of somebody so suspicious and this will best describe characteristics of Russian women. Generally speaking, the Ukrainian women tend to be more open-minded and are less suspicious of the West.

The Cold War history couldn’t help but make Russians suspect anything coming from the west, including their boyfriends. Yes, they would even place you on the truth machine just to find out if your proposal is genuine (this isn’t serious by the way).

Politically, the Ukrainians tend to be conservative while Russians are liberal minded. You may as well be right to conclude that Ukrainian culture functions on individuality. A neighbor is less likely to get any help from them.

In contrast, Russians tend to be community minded. They are known to collectively rally behind someone faced with some problems. The same applies to the Russian sexy girls.

beautiful women on Russia

You can play around with your nose in your Ukrainian girlfriend’s presence and she won’t be bothered for they tend to mind their own business. Russian girls on the other hand are aggressive and territorial. They will scrutinize your actions to the latter.

The Language

The Russian Ukrainian women are both Slavic but their languages are entirely different.  The Ukrainian language besides sounding more musical, it is milder and poetic. A story in bed could as well be your sleeping rhythm. That best explains why most well-known singers have a Ukrainian name.

Russian language, as already pointed out, is straight forward … it is more on point than even English. It has no point beating around the bush but tells you what is to be told, head on.

Both countries share a number of vocabularies as well as the grammatical structure. The languages are differentiated by syntax. The use of grammar in Russia makes no sense in Ukraine

Many Ukrainians understand and speak fluent Russian after having been a Russian colony for so many years. Not so many Russians can understand, let alone speak Ukrainian.

Who are more attractive?

Moscow is littered with hot Russian females as opposed to Ukraine. Let me be direct, Russian girls easily win the attractiveness and sexuality medal and if you want to marry a Russian girl basing on these qualities, then feel free.

Ukraine has for a long time been dominated by different people from numerous nations. This led up to mixing up of genotypes and blood to add bright colors to their women’s natural beauty.

How about in a relationship?

Because of their independent nature, Ukrainian women depict themselves as somewhat more demanding when it comes to relationships. They feel they have to establish high quality marriages – this isn’t just any feeling but a rightfully deserved feeling. If your proposal is accepted by a Ukrainian girlfriend then rest assured that you are a ‘husband material’. Dating a Russian women would mean being in a relationship with someone who is more compliant. Their country’s heritage and culture has brought them up in such a way that they need to be obedient towards the men.

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CharmDate Review,

How to pick up Russian ladies – Effective tips at your disposal..!

These will definitely help you out \(^o^)/~

Good things come to you when you least expect them

Attractive women are all around us. Most of the times, you get your pickups out of the blue in a random place. You never know, unexpected locations and sudden unplanned meet ups might give you what you had been looking for or you might just end up as pretty good friends. Russian women don’t expect to get hit on, on everyday basis. That’s when they feel more flattered. For instance, you go about a hot and gorgeous Russian lady standing right next to you in a store, you could come up with “Let’s hope they are offering a meal at the end on this never ending line” – something to strike up a conversation. The main thing is, when you spot a hot babe, you have got only moments to think of a smart thing to say to her and you might get lucky.

Attractive women

Don’t even think of using those clichéd pickup lines

‘Cliché’ smells bad. Cliched pickup lines smell even worse. Understanding Russian women is bit of a hard job. Why not be spontaneous? A nice comment on her dress? Add something clever like “I know you hear that a lot but it’s always a plus to get outside confirmation, huh?” But remember, no stalking or stalker talk please. That’s a turn off.

Rejection is O-K-A-Y

Ok, you are rejected. Do you have anything to lose? No. See, its’ that simple. It’s just a tiny bit of pride and even that refuses to show up if it happens for more than a couple of times. Try being less attached to the outcome of your hard work. For Pete’s sake, you are only approaching her for a random conversation. If it goes further, well – that’s a bonus, my friend. You are finally getting it.

russian woman

15-minute test is mandatory

Ok, this is important. It may take practice at first but gradually you will be able to tell whether a Russian woman is genuinely interested in you & looking for marriage or she’s only eyeing you for casual hang out. Tip: Read her body language and check to what degree she’s buying your signals. That will do.

Know when to back off

If a Russian woman fails to pass your 15-minute test, cut your conversation short and graciously bow out of it. You need to know when to stop and how to identify the kind of women you should avoid. Don’t waste time on women who are already taken. You can easily find that out by asking a general question of interests, like, “Where do you head off on weekends?” etc.