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Maslenitsa: eat pancakes with beautiful Russian girls

Maslenitsa is a Russian holiday that goes back to Middle Ages and a good opportunity for foreigners to meet Russian women for marriage, since it’s a family holiday. Maslenitsa is celebrated before the Lent. This year, the holiday was celebrated from March 7 through March 13.

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Although Russian girls tend to spend Maslenitsa with their family, they still go out to celebrate it with their girlfriends. But the thing is that this holiday is not as popular as, say, Eastern, in Russia, which is why it’s not celebrated by most Russian women, only the most religious ones.

However, knowing what’s Maslenitsa and when it’s celebrated still gives you an edge among all foreigners who want to meet Russian brides with the help of online dating websites. The mere fact that you wish a girl ‘happy Maslenitsa’ via online chat will surely attract the Russian girl’s attention.

Russian girls date only the foreigners who take at least some interest in the Russian culture, traditions and language. However, there are also those who don’t need their man to know about all that, as their ultimate goal is to leave the country as soon as possible.

But if your Russian girl plans on staying in Russia, she’ll surely appreciate your knowledge of Russian holidays.

There were lots of rites and ceremonies surrounding Maslenitsa, but with the passage of time pretty much all of them have been forgotten. The only thing that remained attached to Maslenitsa is that Christians eat pancakes this whole week (in 2016, it was from March 7 through March 13).

And you can imagine that there are quite a lot of pancakes to eat! So if you’re chatting with a Russian girl of your interest in an online chat, building up the conversation, trying to be funny and all, you could make a joke about the amount of pancakes Russians eat on Maslenitsa.

For example, you could make a joke that she should stop eating so many pancakes on Maslenitsa otherwise, say, “I won’t take you as my Russian bride.” It’s funny and it’s unlikely she will find it offensive in any way. Especially if the girl clearly has no weight problem whatsoever.

Also, knowing a pancake recipe or two would certainly help you build up the conversation with a Russian girl during Maslenitsa. You could even ask her to share her favorite pancakes recipes with you. And Russian women sure love to help and please their men however they can.

Or even better, you could share your favorite pancake recipes with that Russian girl. And if she indeed cooks pancakes following your recipe, and the entire family enjoys it and asks her where did she find out about such a recipe, you’ll surely get approval from the family.

And the family’s approval of the choice of man is very important for Russian babes. So if your goal is to meet Russian mail order brides, Maslenitsa could be a good opportunity to do that.

If you ever get to the stage of coming to Russia to meet a Russian babe you chatted with on some dating website, you could come on Maslenitsa and spend a week with her eating delicious pancakes. The girl will surely appreciate your efforts to show that you care about her religion and respect Russian traditions.

Or even better, you could visit her in Russia and take her out to restaurants around the town so that she could have at least some kind of respite from munching on pancakes. FYI, most Russian women eat pancakes only on Maslenitsa, and then they avoid them the entire year. Guess why? That’s right, because they had way too many pancakes on Maslenitsa.

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Charmdate Review:How Can You Ask Online Girlfriend to Send Personal Pics When on Charmdate?

I bet you’ve heard this phrase on the Internet dozens of times, “tits or gtfo.”

Both men and women seem to enjoy sending their personal pics online – even if it means sending them to a complete stranger.

And while obviously everybody is concerned for their privacy and as those personal pics may leak online, there’s something about taking risks that attracts russian hoties on online dating websites.

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Getting your online girlfriend on russian dating services to send you her personal pics is a major victory. Once a girl has sent you her private photos, it means she’s psychologically invested in a relationship with you.

…or she simply likes to send her personal pics to whoever is out there asking for it.

So how do you ask russian girls for their nudies without being perceiving like a creepy perv? First of all, embrace yourself – this will be a long process, especially considering the mentality of a russian woman, who suspects everyone in everything.

Getting your online girlfriend on russian christian dating website to send you her personal pics has a lot to do with psychology.

You may want to speak about personal pics without actually asking her to send them first. The best way to ‘introduce’ her to this idea is to joke about personal pics (remember: the best way to make a girl comfortable with exposing her naked body to you is you build comfort in online russian chat).

One sure way to do is to via video chat. For most russian girls video chat is a big deal, because it allows them to see the guy’s facial expressions and it paints a better picture of who he actually is. So video chatting is your safe way of building that comfort in communication.

It’s even a better idea to ask her a personal pics-related question and then tell a joke. “Have you ever sent your personal pics online? I once did. But instead of sending it to a girl I accidentally sent it to my mom. She has been looking at my differently ever since.”russian christian dating

Single russian women looking for men love to be complimented. You can easily feed the female narcissist and get her to send you personal pics in the process.

Once you’ve build rapport with a Russian girl, tell her that her body looks gorgeous on the photos. And ask her if she has ever modeled in the personal? Then you can joke that you work at a private firm that judges women’s appearances based on her personal pics.

It’s like you’re not asking her to send her private pics, but you can give her feedback if she does. Besides, flattering her with compliments creates more comfort.

There’s also one tricky way that works for some reason. Tell your online girlfriend something like, “Oh, man… I just got a pic from some random girl. So many girls do it right now. And I’m not even impressed!”

Every girl wants to be able to impress a man – especially when it comes to her looks and body. So she’ll probably send you personal pics in an attempt to impress you.

Once you’ve gotten to the point when a girl is playfully chatting with you, you can throw this line, “I’m glad you’re not the type of girls who send nude pics.” Being a playful Russian girl, you’ll most likely get a personal photo russian girl.

One sure way to make a girl comfortable with sending her personal pics to you is to joke that you never send pics of yourself because you fear girls may show them off to their friends.

In such a way, the girl subconsciously starts thinking that you’re not one of those creeps who leaks personal pics the second he receives them.

Bonus point: she’ll have a mission to convince you to send your private photos to her.

Keep in mind that being pushy can be a major turn off. When asking (directly or indirectly) your online girlfriend to send you her personal pics, you need to create comfort first. And taking a humorous approach helps a lot, too.