Norwegian Girls: The Best Tips for Dating in Norway

Norway is always desirable, the aurora borealis, the midnight sun let a person look forward to. Glaciers covered mountains, clear lakes, and as the glaciers migration stunning fjord, always let a person enchanted valley. There are a lot of men in the world who fall in love with Norwegian women, who are like Scandinavian goddesses with their eye-catching blue eyes, golden hair and graceful figure.

Norwegian women

Things you need to know before dating a Norwegian woman

  1. Norwegian women are conservative. Touch is not common for Norwegian women until they know someone, and even so, kissing is always awkward. Give a Norwegian woman some time, be patient and respect her pace. Don’t try to rush, always ask if a hug or kiss is appropriate. When you meet her, insist on a simple handshake unless she tells you.
  2. Norwegian women are independent. In Norway, women are generally better educated than men and have excellent job prospects after graduating from university. There are no specific roles for men and women, which means if women enjoy a better financial return than men, so don’t brag about how much money you make or take care of them.
  3. Norwegian ladies are honest. Norwegian women are open and share their ideas like men, which will make your approach easier. However, while they may start dating casually, once they are in a committed relationship, they are completely monogamous and they want you to be. If she sees through your online profile that you are married or in a relationship, she may not even give you an idea.
Norwegian ladies

How to successfully date a Norwegian woman?

  1. Norwegian women love to drink, and inviting a Norwegian woman for a few beers is the best way to meet someone for the first time. Drinking can indent the distance between each other.
  2. Outdoor dating is a second-best option. Norwegian women enjoy the outdoors. They like to take part in some kind of sports – hiking, climbing, skiing, jogging and so on.
  3. Use social media to connect with Norwegian women. Norwegian woman likes to contact through social media, facebook, sets, or some online website, they feel through social media contact, make the dialogue between much a mystery and romance, through a period of time online, if they like you, they will be very happy to meet offline recommendations, it, for they are safe commonly used way of dating.

Not sure about Norwegian women? It doesn’t matter. You can meet people from other cultures. For example, a girl from French or Germany and a woman from any country in Europe.