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Ukrainian VS Russian, What Are The Differences?

A bigger percentage of foreigners tend to conclude that Russian women and Ukrainian women are all the same. We can forgive them for that conclusion, after all both are Slavic nations and share to a great extent some heritage. However, these two groups – Russian and Ukrainian women – are different and you shall soon find out how.

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In a nutshell, some people who have had a firsthand experience with the two say that Russian women are usually straight on point, probably due to the direct nature of their language. The Ukrainian women on the other hand are described to be sensual and good home makers than their counterparts. Their language sounds somewhat musical to the ears.

Evidently, the subject at hand has lots of differing opinions and this article is here to expose all the differences.

The Culture

It would be injustice to begin digging deeper into any of the differences without first starting at the cultural level. Talk of somebody so suspicious and this will best describe characteristics of Russian women. Generally speaking, the Ukrainian women tend to be more open-minded and are less suspicious of the West.

The Cold War history couldn’t help but make Russians suspect anything coming from the west, including their boyfriends. Yes, they would even place you on the truth machine just to find out if your proposal is genuine (this isn’t serious by the way).

Politically, the Ukrainians tend to be conservative while Russians are liberal minded. You may as well be right to conclude that Ukrainian culture functions on individuality. A neighbor is less likely to get any help from them.

In contrast, Russians tend to be community minded. They are known to collectively rally behind someone faced with some problems. The same applies to the Russian sexy girls.

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You can play around with your nose in your Ukrainian girlfriend’s presence and she won’t be bothered for they tend to mind their own business. Russian girls on the other hand are aggressive and territorial. They will scrutinize your actions to the latter.

The Language

The Russian Ukrainian women are both Slavic but their languages are entirely different.  The Ukrainian language besides sounding more musical, it is milder and poetic. A story in bed could as well be your sleeping rhythm. That best explains why most well-known singers have a Ukrainian name.

Russian language, as already pointed out, is straight forward … it is more on point than even English. It has no point beating around the bush but tells you what is to be told, head on.

Both countries share a number of vocabularies as well as the grammatical structure. The languages are differentiated by syntax. The use of grammar in Russia makes no sense in Ukraine

Many Ukrainians understand and speak fluent Russian after having been a Russian colony for so many years. Not so many Russians can understand, let alone speak Ukrainian.

Who are more attractive?

Moscow is littered with hot Russian females as opposed to Ukraine. Let me be direct, Russian girls easily win the attractiveness and sexuality medal and if you want to marry a Russian girl basing on these qualities, then feel free.

Ukraine has for a long time been dominated by different people from numerous nations. This led up to mixing up of genotypes and blood to add bright colors to their women’s natural beauty.

How about in a relationship?

Because of their independent nature, Ukrainian women depict themselves as somewhat more demanding when it comes to relationships. They feel they have to establish high quality marriages – this isn’t just any feeling but a rightfully deserved feeling. If your proposal is accepted by a Ukrainian girlfriend then rest assured that you are a ‘husband material’. Dating a Russian women would mean being in a relationship with someone who is more compliant. Their country’s heritage and culture has brought them up in such a way that they need to be obedient towards the men.

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