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Who is better? European woman or American women? To date or be friends with

Who has more variety?

If you want to find more variety, then you need to look for American girls to date, European girls tend to be similar in their looks, and therefore you will not have a lot of variety when it comes to them. For example if you are looking at the New York or the Boston Subway, you are more likely to see a lot of different women. With varying skin tones, and shapes and accents, and languages. This diversity is not normal to Europe and thus women will tend to be representative of that lack of diversity.

Europen women

Who is prettier?

Okay so we understand that this can be a pretty subjective thing whether you are considering dating Russian women or whether you are actually dating Russian women, if you are, a little suggestion, keep an eye out for Russian American women, trust us, you will thank us. We mean it you will thank us, if you thought Russian girls were amazing wait till you meet Russian Americans. Okay, we got distracted what with all the talk about Russian girls. Point being, Europeans are definitely prettier!

Who dresses best?

No offense to all the American ladies out there, but Europeans dress better, maybe it’s the fact that they have better dressing senses or maybe they just like it, but they on average tend to be better dressed than the Americans. Like every sexy hot Russian girl is taught since her childhood to dress up and wear decent makeup while leaving the house. Not only to respect others, but also to make her feel good about herself. This distinguishes Russian girl from the Americans. Some people like dressing up and thus want their partner to do the same, we realize that there may be those of you out there, who dress up but don’t want their lady to dress up, maybe so other guys don’t ogle at her, I mean you are a guy, you know what is going on in your head LOL. But on a serious note, not cool bro. this is a poor reason to want this and we hope that you grow up from this. You should both want to look fantastic and not just for the benefit of those around you, but yourself, you deserve to look and feel amazing.

What do you want?

If you are looking for a more mature, and lasting relationship, we suggest you go for the European ladies because they are by nature more mature and understanding. Maybe its all the fancy dressing, or maybe it’s all the classiness overflow, whatever it is, they are a delight to be around. Especially Russian women are more likely the keepers. Single women in Russia want to settle down but not so desperately like American women, you can feel the difference. Unless you are in the kind of crazy party fun, then maybe americans girls or Russian americans are more up your alley. There are a lot of Russian women looking for love, just take your chance.

Play games? Or don’t play games?

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they must decide if they want to play games or not. Well if you have decided you don’t want to, then we suggest you choose European girls, if you have decided that you want to play games and that you like that kind of interest in life, then we are not judging you, rest assured, but then you should definitely go for American girls. You know what Russian women like? Your honesty. There may be some people out there who want all fun and games, and then there are people out there who want to be called out on their bullshit, whatever gets your ball rolling, we are fine with it just as long as you know what you are in for. Too much straight forwardness can be pains in you know what too.

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Is it wrong or right to give a Russian girl flower?

Giving flowers to the girl you love has become a symbol of expression of love world over. Though the practice has become mundane in some parts of the world and girls would prefer the guy to buy her jewelry or anything expensive but Russian women still appreciate the practice. However, there are certain dos and don’ts when it comes to giving Russian singles flowers.

If you must give a Russian bride a flower, make sure it is neat and presentable. A shabby looking flower may easily suggest to her that you would not handle her well if she gets married to you or that she means less priority to you. If you cannot give Russian pretty girls a decent flower, then it is best to avoid giving her flower entirely because to her, the flower in your hand is her in your hand.

 single Russian lady

The color of the flower also matters a lot. When dating Russian women, it is always good to learn about their customs and one of them is that yellow means ‘I am fed up with you’. A Russian guy that wants to break up with his girlfriend will only need to give her a yellow flower and she will definitely understand what he means. Unless your girl really loves yellow, avoid yellow flowers. It is best to give her a flower that matches her best color.

Beautiful Russian girls will prefer you to give her one flower rather than a bouquet. Generally, flowers are sold in odd numbers in Russia and it has become a tradition that even number flowers are for the cemetery to be laid on the grave of a loved one. Thirteen flowers are also known to bring bad luck and you should avoid giving this to your single Russian lady. To be on a safe side, foreigners should learn to explain their actions to their lady Russian so they won’t get misunderstood.

To stand a better chance at impressing your Russian pretty girls when giving her a flower, choose a flower that is native to Russia. It is OK to think of giving her an American flower but be sure to know that she will prefer a Russian flower whose meaning she can easily interpret. A foreign flower may not be easy for her to interpret leaving her in a limbo – a place no Russian girl wants to be. If you must give her a foreign flower, tag it along with the native flower and Chamomiles is the most appreciated among Russian girls.

If you date with Russian girl and feel like giving her a flower, always take note of the quality of flower. Flowers are believed to convey feelings in Russia. If you give your girl a flower that withers the next day she will take it that you do not have a strong emotion towards her. Girls in Russia attach emotions to flowers. Fresh flowers can be identified by the shade of their leaf edge. A dark looking edge is a sign that the flower was not freshly cut.

Avoid flowers with pale reddish pink color. Red in Russia brings back the memory of war during the Soviet Union. These are the kind of flowers that were laid on the graves of soldiers that never returned from the war. Till date, red is a symbol of death. When you give a red flower to your date, she may just take it that you wish her death. On the other hand, it also brings back memories of war which is one memory no one will want to constantly remember.