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Charmdate Review:Truth About Dating A Russian Woman

Humans are highly social beings. We like to be surrounded by friends and family to share our personal experiences with one another. Not surprisingly, the evolution has strongly favored the development of our social behavior. Thus the premise has been established that our desire to interact with more and more people is just an evolutionary process. But friends only do not serve the purpose. There has to be one person who surpasses every comfort provided by a friend. Here comes a need for a relationship. Russian women are infinitely more attractive than other women, and they remain so well into old age. If you are thinking about how to pick up a Russian woman, these are the things you must know.

Russian women appreciate hard work and are ambitious

It is a common myth that Russian girls are lazy and prefer not to work in a relationship or marriage. This is not true. Russian women are very hardworking. The quality of Russian educational system is worth applauding. Almost 90% of the girls you meet have at least a college degree to their name. As a result, they mature before age and get a clear idea what they want to do in the future. So when you are dating a Russian woman, you must understand that she is not the type of girl who sits home all day doing nothing. She works efficiently and makes sure that she looks after herself quite well.Russian girls dating

They have good maternity skills

Russian culture women look after their younger siblings and are responsible for their brought up. This is the reason, Russian women learn from scratch how to properly look after children. As a result, the influence of a woman in Russian families is very strong. Mothers teach their daughters the lessons of becoming good wives in the future. So if you are dating a Russian woman and plan on marrying her in the future, your lineage is secured for generations.

They are refreshingly straightforward

If you ever date a Russian girl, you should meet Russian friends of hers. You’ll get to know that she is naturally straightforward. They don’t whine about things just like ordinary girls. If they have a problem or a disagreement, they are most likely to tell you on your face. Her way of communicating that disagreement may be ruthless but this not something they have control Russian friends

They are fiercely loyal

Russian girls put their family above everything and are extremely loyal. If you ever get into a relationship, they will never leave you! This is something they are taught at a very young age.

They are well dressed

Russian women inherit their dressing skills from their mothers. 18-year-old Russian girls are taught by their mothers to dress elegantly for various occasions. They believe that dressing is an important part of self-expression and they take it very seriously.

They appear to be tough but are very softhearted

Russian girls like to appear tough, and they possess a great amount of courage. They won’t hesitate to fight for you in a dispute and will make sure you are safe no matter how much tough you are as a guy. But the soft corner in their heart is matchless. She will not hesitate to show her love for you anywhere.  She is the girl that most of the guys dream of.

They are open-minded

Foreign men love Russian girls because they can adapt in the toughest of circumstances. It’s a general narrative that Russian girls are open to new ideas and thoughts. They accept people the way they are. If they ever fall in love with a man belonging to a different culture, they consider it their moral duty to inculcate themselves in the same culture.

CharmDate Review

Charmdate Review:Reasons She Is Faking It When Dating A Russian Girl

So this may come as a surprise to many many many men, and the reason I had to add that many many is because it’s surprising how true it is. Well, let’s just say none of you really know when she fakes it. So let us first understand the world of women. Okay so first of all women are under immense pressure, whether it is home life, or work, or even relationships, a lot of the blame goes to them if they fail.

hot sexy Russian babes People ever see the fact that it takes two to tango, but that is how the world is. So women sometimes to stroke a man’s ego (pun intended) will fake it. More often that not this they do to let him feel like he is in control, this is another projection of patriarchy and we need to do something about it. More often that not, where women would love to help their man out by telling him what to do, the problem is that they themselves do not know what to do. So the problem is that female sexuality is such a taboo topic even in so called liberal societies, that there is often very little said or done about it. Up until the 19thcentury it was thought that women could not even orgasm.

So it is funny how times have changed. Most of the time women do not want to hurt your ego, and do not want to be seen as distant and aloof characters, they want to be seen as sexual and feel good about themselves. But if you think about it, pretending does not do anyone any good. It is then your problem, because you have failed to create a safe environment where they can talk to you openly about these kinds of things. So if you are dating Russian girls.

lonely Russian lady

And here we are assuming you want to hold on to your Russian girl then you need to do the research, we doubt you will mind doing the research, but you need to do it. Because only when it is fun for the both of you will it be fun for you. If your Russian girl does not feel like a sexy Russian women then she won’t act like a sexy Russian women, and therefore, no one gets to have fun. Trust us when we tell you that all Russian women are looking for men who can get them to that lovely place, because only then is a relationship actually satisfying, so why all Russian women shouldn’t be looking for men who can do that?

The answer to the question is in this question, do Russian women like sex? Well we ask you one thing, who doesn’t? so of course Russian women like sex. If you want to see what a Russian women in bed is capable of, we suggest you keep her happy for only then can you know what a Russian women is in bed capable of. Especially if you want your hot sexy Russian babes to love me Russian brides.

Whether your woman is in Russia or whether your woman is a hot sexy Russian babe, you need to know how to get her there otherwise what is the difference between this hot sexy Russian babe and a other lonely Russian lady. So to sum it up, if your lady is a woman in Russia and you don’t want her to be just another lonely Russian lady, you need to be sure that she is happy and satisfied, that means that you need to make sure that she is not faking it, because though she may do it for your ego, it needs to stop so you both can have a satisfying relationship.

CharmDate Review

Charmdate Scam Review:Dating site doesn’t work for you?

Every guy has a dream that I want to marry a Russian woman. Okay, here is the thing. You have signed up or joined various websites to get a Russian girl but you are not getting anything. Are Russian girls hot and they are not the website that you are joining? People face this trouble and questions, when they start joining dating websites. They blame the website if they do not get a girl. However, the case is opposite. You should look at your faults before blaming the website.

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Russian ladies

Start working on your profile

Are you ready to talk to Russian ladies? Joining the website is not enough for you. You need to build your profile now. It should be concise and proper. It should explain your personality completely. Use a good and sober picture to boost your online image. Did you ever like a girl without checking her pictures in profile? No, you did not. How can a Russian girl like your profile if you do not put a decent picture on it? Ask this yourself. Do not leave any field empty on your profile. Answer everything because websites need this data to give you perfect matches. Watch Russian ladies’ pictures to get the idea of their appearance and type as well.

Improve your body and physique

It is not a myth that every girl on this planet loves a fit man. When we say this, we do not mean that you need to look like model or Hollywood hero, or Superman. You should have a proper shape only. A beautiful Russian woman cannot like a fat guy. Please remember this. If you are fat, you will always struggle. Your belly should be flat. It should not pop outside in the shirt. Are you getting the idea here? Build your strong persona by sharing your good and healthy pictures. DO NOT pose like a model or show some nudity. Build some muscles. The cuts in the arms and legs will show your efforts that you love your body and you want to make it stronger for her. Shy Russian ladies do not say this on your face but they will always prefer a man with strong body and fit figure. Russian women are hot and Russian woman are crazy for a nice body.

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Russian girls

Learn the culture of dating

Every country has different set of rules when it comes to dating and relationship. In Russia, the culture can be different and you have to be very careful about it. Russian girls prefer to be chased because they want to see your urge to get them. If you are guy, who will just give a message and wait for her, it is not going to work for you. You should chase her by sending messages after intervals. Give her some time and wait if she answers or not. At least wait for 2 or 3 days and send message again to remind her that you are interested to know her. This will work for you.

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CharmDate Review

Charmdate Review:Why People Think Online Dating Scam?The Survey From

CharmDate, a leading Russian and Ukrainian online dating site, sends its customer service ambassador on a field trip to Ukraine to conduct a survey about online dating scams.

A March 10 survey conducted by CharmDate, an online dating website that helps foreigners meet Russian and Ukrainian women, reveals that people who call online dating a scam may be frustrated due to rejections and their lack of success at scoring dates.

ukraine women

Tens of thousands of messages are exchanged on CharmDate and other online dating sites every single day. Statistics show that about 59 million people have resorted to online dating at least once, and that number is constantly growing.

But it does not change the fact that many other millions of people still consider online dating a scam, and think that all single Russian women looking for foreigners online are scammers.

CharmDate has sent one of its customer service ambassadors to visit Ukraine and interview the local ladies. The questions were as follows: Why do so many Ukrainian ladies treat online dating as their primary source to find love? Why do so many people still consider online dating a scam or fraud? And how do you ensure safety while browsing Russian dating sites?

Firstly, CharmDate’s customer service ambassador found Anastasia, a 22-year-old college student at one of Ukraine’s best universities, for a small interview. Anastasia said that she has been online dating for years, and her experience has been mostly good. The Ukrainian girl also admitted that she is a long-time member of

Anastasia said that she had better time in online dating than in traditional dating, which she had given up entirely years ago. Most of her female friends also have dating profiles online, and many of them found their life partners online.

Another girl, Natasha, 28, met the customer service ambassador in a cafe in downtown of Kiev. Natasha said she has been called a scammer on online dating sites many times. In many cases, she was called “SCAM” after rejecting male suitors and turning down their proposals to go on a date.

“Just because you had no luck on CharmDate or any other online dating site does not mean that it’s a scam,” Natasha said. “If virtual dating doesn’t work for you, maybe the problem is in how you approach it.”

Although online dating is considered safe, there are certain precautions every user should take in order to minimize the risk of becoming a victim of scam. The most common mistake users make is giving away their personal information, including their address and even credit card info, too soon.

CharmDate has gone the extra mile to ensure that the platform is scam free and user friendly. This has been done by installing a premium system that verifies users and rules out the possibility of fake profiles.

The problem of fake profiles on online dating sites is not new, as it creates a perfect environment for fraudsters to carry out their scams. On most websites, any user can pretend to be anyone else, and many scammers have taken advantage of it by creating profiles of beautiful Russian women to steal money from the users.

With CharmDate, however, it is nearly impossible to carry out scams due to the site’s advanced security and verification systems. has no tolerance for scammers and other individuals who harm other users and make it impossible to truly enjoy the experience of online dating.

More often than not, users who accuse online dating sites of scam either don’t fully understand the meaning of the word “scam,” or try to justify the rejections by blaming someone else for their lack of luck.

The third Ukrainian woman CharmDate’s customer service ambassador interviewed was Olga, a 31-year-old manager from Kiev. She revealed what online dating really is despite many people believing that it is all a big scam.

“Most of my friends of all ages and all professions go online to find dates, and this makes perfect sense,” Olga said. “After all, you have plenty of time to chat with the person before escalating things and going on a first date. With the traditional dating, people have to go on those awkward first dates, and sit there to figure out their dates.”

Olga explained that even though scam is common, an online dating user can still easily spot it by simply taking a look at the profile photos and bio. “Once you’ve browsed through hundreds of people on online dating sites, and chatted with a handful of them, you start seeing a pattern: perfect people don’t exist. We all have our own flaws, and online dating liberates us. It makes us feel loved at times when we need it most. That’s the beauty of it.”

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CharmDate Review

Is CharmDate Scam True? Read this customer review of

These days we have received some customer reviews of we decided to create a customer review block,which customers on Charmdate can talk about their experience when dating on

These is the first letter.Let’s find out the truth of Charmdate.

Hot Ukraine Bride

Is CharmDate Scam True? My Personal Review Towards!

Currently, online dating is becoming increasingly popular in modern society. Many singles, especially those who’re busy with daily wok and has no time to have a face-to-face date, choose to settle their marriage events via online dating website. And this is what I am doing!

My name is  Patrick, a 32-year IT specialist who spends most of my time for work. I love my work and I am so passionate on it. However every time when I leisure down, I feel lonely. I don’t know what to do. That’s because being alone become so bored though I have money. Then I gradually realize I need a partner who can accompany me to do whatever I like. I did a lot of investigation among online dating websites and compared the advantages and disadvantages. Finally I chose some and is one of them.

In December last year, I started using to learn about Eastern Europe. Prior to this, I experienced another two free dating sites, but I was only lured by photos of beautiful russian ladies on

Although I was afraid that they are part of a scam, of, because it was just too good to be true, I still wanted to try my luck.

russian women

I immediately used the site’s mail service and randomly contacted a beautiful lady after being attracted by her profile photo – she had a sense of gentle beauty with a bit of coolness. And you know what – she’s also a hardcore Linkin’ Park fan! Our feelings quickly warmed up, and in addition to writing mail we also use Live Chat. We also called each other using CharmDate’s (not cheap) call service – I told her I loved hearing her voice and she said she wanted to surprise me at Easter.

Then at Easter, all of a sudden she wanted to use CamShare, so we did. She wore what she had been wearing in the first photo I saw her in. Damn was she sexy! From that moment  i knew that CharmDate wasn’t a scam. The surprise she gave me was after CamShare she continued to use and played and sung Linkin’ Park’s ‘In The End’ – the song we both love! I don’t think there’s anyone else who knows me better than she does!

When I found out on July 21 that Chester Bennington, singer at Linkin’ Park, committed suicide, I was shocked and disheartened. I realized I shouldn’t be worrying whether CharmDate is a scam or not, but should be living in the moment, as you never know what’s round the corner. I decided right away that I was going to go to Kiev at the end of September to see her. I’ve already arranged a date through the Cupid Date service and, if she’s willing to, I’m going to bring her back to the States this year. I hope my luck lasts!