CharmDate Review to Date Single Russian Moms: Do’s and Don’ts

There are plenty of single moms among russian ladies online – in fact, so many that you may even be surprised.

If your initial reaction to that sentence was, “Oh, snap!” – then you should probably stop reading this. Or man up and read on why dating single moms is the best thing that can happen to you – even though it may seem not so exciting at first.

If you sign up on an online dating website to chat with russian brides, be prepared that some russian women and girls looking for foreign men online may have children from their previous relationships.

Before you start freaking out: it’s a perfectly normal thing and you can still date russian women that are single moms – though a relationship with a single mom has a few peculiarities that you might want to be prepared for in advance.


Don’t ask single mom these questions

Unless you want a russian sexy girl to reject you right away, don’t ask any of the following dumb questions that many men still ask single moms and end up getting slapped in their stereotypical faces:

  1. “Did you ever think about an abortion?”
  2. “Why didn’t you give up your children to an orphanage?”
  3. “Do you feel bad that your kid doesn’t have a healthy family?”
  4. “So, where’s his father?”
  5. “Do you want more kids?”

The answer to all of these questions – that ladies in russia usually don’t give you out of politeness – is “none of your damn business.” The answer to the last one can parried with the question, “Can you handle the kids that I have before even considering more kids?”

Don’t play games with single moms

Single moms won’t buy your “wham bam thank you ma’am” bullsh*t. If you’re not sure why marry a russian woman that has kids from her previous partners, then you might want to stay away from single moms.

Her children’s games should be the only games she wants to play. If it’s one of those cases “I’d tap that, but she’s a no-no for getting serious,” then you might not want to waste her and your time.

If you feel like this russian sexy girl would be your perfect wife but only if she had no kids, then you’re probably not ready to take this russian woman for dating.

russian wife

Know what it’s like having kids

No matter how many times you tell her, “Oh, sure I love kids!” – she’ll see how much you actually “love” kids when you have to change diapers at 4am or have to clean up vomit from the backseat of your expensive car.

Don’t ever tell her how to raise kids

Just because you’re dating a single mom doesn’t mean you have the right to tell her how to raise her kids or how her kids should behave.

You’ve known her children for a few months – and no matter how ‘right’ you feel in a certain situation – russian women and girls who had raised their children before you appeared in their life are always right about how to raise their kids.

If you’re still reading this and still wondering how to meet a russian woman knowing that there are plenty of single moms among russian ladies online, then you’re probably okay with dating single moms. But wait until you read this…

She might be still interacting with her ex

And it’s not one of those “don’t talk to her – she’s mine now” types of situations, as in this case her ex is also the father of her kids.

The father of her kids will probably be in the picture for at least the next 18 years, so make sure you’re prepared for that.

Bonus tip: never badmouth the father of her kids – no matter how bad he’s as a person – in front of her kids.

Forget scheduling

If you still don’t mind dating russian sexy girl that is a single mom, here’s another thing you need to know: forget about scheduling things in advance. Be ready for more spontaneity in your life – it can actually be fun!

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