What to Text to A Russian Woman You Like: When Too Much Is Too Much and Too Soon Is Too Soon?

Let’s say you go to a bar to meet single russian ladies and you get a phone number from a hot girl. How soon do you send her a text and what do you write to her in the first text?

sexy russian girls

And how many texts should you send before asking her on a date? Let’s answer all of these questions and get to the bottom of what to text to a woman you like.

If you’re looking for russian bride, but you aren’t sure about your texting and social interaction skills – then you might want to polish up your dating game to marry a russian bride with this useful guide.

When it comes to texting a woman you like, the best thing you can do is keep your texts short and to the point – and never wait long before making a phone call.

Unless you find russian girl online, texting for weeks before transitioning to a phone call and date is the wrong approach if you truly want to have sex with and transition to a relationship with beautiful single russian women.

Here’s what you need to understand about russian dating: sexy russian girls attract so much male attention that she may even give out her number to several men (if she’s not really picky) while walking down the street for an hour.

Most men make the common mistake of wasting a lot of time on texting. Texting for too long lands you straight into the friendzone, because women know: real men don’t like to waste their time on typing text and being glued to the screen of their smartphone.

Don’t wait days or weeks to send the first text after you get a number of sexy russian girls as they usually don’t wait around for you. That’s the No. 1 rule.

When you do text hot russian girl dating (either on the same day or the next day), make sure you remind her who you are (‘It’s David, the handsome guy from the bar’), and tell her that you’ll car her today or tomorrow.

When you meet girls from russia, texting prior to making the first phone call is optional – but it’s a great way to remind beautiful single russian women about yourself and show you that you’re interested.

Don’t write dozens of texts to her or a wall of text in one text – keep things concise and to the point. That’s the No. 2 rule of what to text to a woman you like.

If the girl responds to your first text – and you see that she’s seemingly excited about you texting her – don’t make the common mistake of continuing texting the girl.

Women are attracted to men’s masculinity, and masculine men don’t have no time for texting. Any woman knows that if the real man truly desires a woman – he’ll actually DO things, not talk (text) about it.

So don’t interact with her via texts after sending the first text unless you absolutely have to. That’s the No. 3 rule.

Another common mistake men make when it’s time to actually ask a girl out on a date is texting her. Never, ever ask a girl out via texting!

While texting may be a much more comfortable way for you to interact – and a perfect way to give you more time to think and respond to her – asking a girl out via a text is a rather pathetic move in russian dating.

It’s also been proven that sexy russian girls are less likely to say ‘no’ to your proposal to go on a date if you actually ask her out via calling.

So do CALL her, rather than text her, when asking on a date. You can, however, send her a follow-up text after you’ve called her and agreed to meet to remind her details about your upcoming date (‘Wednesday, 9pm at Avalon restaurant. Looking forward to seeing you!’).

That’s the No. 4 rule of what to text to a woman you like.

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