CharmDate Review Review

CharmDate Review – Overview

With a variety of Russian and Ukrainian beauties joined, is a second-to-none dating website for the single male to explore friendship as well as long lasting relationship.

CharmDate Review – Gorgeous Russian & Ukrainian Beauties

CharmDate Review-Russian and Ukrainian Beauties

We have to admit that Russian and Ukrainian girls do have better looks than most other babes. They’re beautiful and sultry as portrayed in movies. Every move of them is elegant and confident, which is incredibly attracting men. While behind that air of independence is a woman who still bears the mind that women plays a supportive role of taking care of the family and assisting husband. Well seen from this perspective, Russian and Ukrainian girls are the best choices as a lifetime partner. And caters to what you need in seeking a perfect Russian or Ukrainian match. Review – Pros & Cons


  • Free to sign up
  • Large database of members around the world
  • Efficient communication tools for all types of users
  • Top-notch safety and customer support


  • Paid to communicate between members
  • Too many beauties to choose from
  • Direct contact not available for safety reason

CharmDate Review – IN-DEPTH Sign-Up Process

Signing up for couldn’t be easier, and requires very basic information. Once members have registered, they’re direct to an overview page filled with beautiful Russian and Ukrainian girls who are categorized into several groups – Online available for live chat,  Newly joined, perfectly matched and Recent contacted. You can also use the advanced search to define your dream style with specific criteria. After a while, you will be directed to complete your personal profile or finish your identity verification. Personally speaking, this is cool since it will improve the rate for meeting the right persons.

CharmDate Review – Key Features have several tools for effective communication or relationship building. Let’s check more details below.

  • EMF Mails – a very traditional way for interaction. If you’re interested in someone, just drop a love letter to confess yourself.
  • Live Chat – a very engaging way for instant communication. You don’t need to wait for the reply any longer.
  • Love Call – That’s a cool tool to hear the other’s voice, but the quality has the space to improve.
  • Camshare – Two-way chat between members, very interactive and sure to add more intimacy.
  • Virtual gifts & flowers – the add-on to blossom relationships.

CharmDate Reviews – Payment is a credit based platform. Many services for communication require credits. The price is a little bit high, but it is worthy of if the result finally comes to a happy ending.

Final Verdict of is good for introducing so many effective and easy-to-use dating services, as well as bringing so many gorgeous beauties from Russia and Ukraine. If you’re addicted to Russian or Ukrainian beauties, it’s a very good place to get started. Provided the price could be lowered down a bit, it’s the NO.1 choice!

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Charmdate Overview

CharmDate Online

16 thoughts on “ Review”

  1. I will say is good as I do not need to pretend that I am better than what i real am. And all i need is to be myself.i love the makes members closer.You will have fun when Carmshare with Russian girls.By the way,you need to pay.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I lost my wife in 2016 and I have finally broken the shackles of loneliness; (THANK GOD)I am seeking a soul mate that has a different nationality and I am excited about it. Thanks to CharmDate and its customer service. I have an opportunity of feeling relaxed and accepted here among this site’s members. Now I really wanna move on and start all over again.


  2. First time hearing about Sounds interesting and I will try charmdate. How come dating has anything to do with SCAM? I think it’s hard to tell a dating website like is a scam. Because you can never say a dating site’s fraud only because it doesn’t work for you. It is what it is, if online dating/speed dating is your thing then try it, maybe on Charmdate. If you’re too judgemental, better not try. That’s it.


  3. This is the only dating site with so many beautiful girls I have ever used~ Maybe it is just because women from east Europe are generally more good looking^^ Not bad experience on this site~


  4. Charmdate helped a lot.Charmdate brings 2 people together.Once i signed up for the site,i met beautiful girls.I have started loving this place after getting a taste of dating attractive Russian girls.I am pleased by the fact that Charmdate provides good suggestions about dating Russian women.


  5. Time is the test of all things,but things are going really well right is a good chioce to date Russian women.I met a young lady that is cool and collected,it is fun whenever we are together.I am beyond excited about this new journey in exploring love.


  6. The Camshare is cool.I signed up on Charmdate,because i saw its ads.Very exciting video cam chat.After I logging in charmdate,i started using cam share with some girls.Very goood experience and i really liked it.


  7. I can’t believe that I would one day end up on any online dating website because I never believed that love could be built without the physical presence. Since joining Charmdate I have been able to build a strong relationship, stronger than I have ever had all the times I dated offline.


  8. The client service is very responsible and capable of solving problems encountered here. Not like many other dating websites does not reply, charmdate’s client service team replies always in time. Very well experience.


  9. As a member of Charmdate,i am sure that chardate is real.Their customer service is so good patient,when i am in trouble,they always give me a hand in time.


  10. I think I have found my partner on the site, I feel the same as she, I would be ever so grateful as I would love to marry her, I never thought about “LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT ” until now.


    1. I once experience something horrible and kind not trust anyone around. I find this site occasionally and get to know this young lady. I feel comfort and relax when talking to her about my experience. We become close friends and I am not sure if I should ask her out sometime. But I am satisfied about the situation.


  11. I have used this site before and I feel like Charmdate is kinda amazing!
    The photos of these ladies are GORGEOUS and I can’t stop thinking about taking with them…
    So eventually I registered and found a girl named Olivia. She was very cute and we had some quality time together..


  12. Yeah, me too, today could be my lucky day. Gone are the days when I used to come up with remarks like No matches found. For the first time in a long time, I’m really connecting with some women here that there’s a big chance the outcome could be favourable.


  13. I’ve been a member of for five years. Honestly speaking, this site is good for there are so many gorgeous beauties from Russia and Ukraine available to chat, except that exchanging contact information is not allowed and the prices for the services are a bit high. I keep logging in charmdate every day but didn’t spend too much. As to the success rate, that depends. Personally, online dating is a good source to find dates, especially those busy or seeking for long-distance relationship. Patience and perseverance ahead, you will come to a happy ending with someone special.


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